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We want to express our deepest condolences and prayers to everyone affected by the mass shooting in Orlando.  We stand with you!


In this episode of the WLPWR Free Game Producer Podcast WLPWR and Brian Onrea discuss:

  • Is security becoming mandatory when dealing with fans?

  • More 360 deal lawsuits (Rocko v. Future)

WLPWR and Brian Onrea also get a chance to chop it up with major producer Focus Producer for Dr. Dre/Aftermath Records.  His credits include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Busta Rhymes, Christina Aguilera, The Game, 112 and many more.  They discuss:

  • What it was like growing up in music (his father was the bass player for the legendary group, Chic) and what his outside influences were.

  • His early days as a rapper and working with hip hop legend Eric B.

  • His experience working under accomplished producers like Tricky Stewart, Shakespere, and Dr. Dre and what he learned in each situation.

  • His experiece in adding the role of mixing to his repertoire

  • How he was able to develop such soulful records with female vocalists like Beyonce, J.Lo, Truth Hurts, Marsha Ambrosius, and Christina Aguilera

  • His chemistry with Marsha Ambrosius and why we haven’t heard a full length project from them since the critically acclaimed “Yours Truly” mixtape

  • His work on Dr. Dre’s “Compton” album and what it was like collaborating with other dope producers (Cardiak, DJ Dahi, etc.)

  • Is collaborating with other producers necessary to make a great song?

  • His “Analog in a Digital World Project”, his thought process behind it and what we can expect in the future from his projects.

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